Improving Nutrition

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Better products, better diets, better lives

As one of the world's largest food manufacturers, we are playing our part in helping to tackle some of the biggest public health challenges.

Our approach is a very simple one: better products help people to enjoy better diets and live better lives. That’s why offering great tasting products made with good ingredients, providing choice across our range with products lower in calories, and improved nutritional profiles without compromising on taste and quality is part of our heritage. This approach is firmly embedded in our business and R&D strategy.

However, changing consumer habits is a journey that requires more than product reformulation or effective and clear nutritional information.

As part of our 2013 strategic review of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, we are deepening our efforts by running brand campaigns to drive behavioural change. We are also working closely with retailers, governmental bodies, NGOs and nutritional experts to improve the awareness of balanced and healthy diets – for better lives.

Our nutrition strategy

Unilever has a simple strategic framework: Better products, better diets, better lives.

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Our nutrition strategy

Targets & performance

Our ambitious nutritional targets can help hundreds of millions of people to enjoy great food and healthier diets.

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Targets & performance

We focus our efforts on three key areas where our portfolio and scale allow us to have the biggest impact.

  • Contributing to people’s heart health through communication and many products lower in saturated fat - a cornerstone of our nutritional efforts.

  • Helping to address the problem of obesity.

  • Helping to tackle under-nutrition.

Promoting better diets & lifestyles

We use targeted and clear communication to raise awareness and promote behaviour change for healthy lifestyles.

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Promoting Better Diets & Lifestyles

Addressing undernutrition

We offer many products that make meaningful contributions to micronutrient intakes.

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Addressing undernutrition

Labelling & responsible marketing

We provide simple, clear and transparent information to consumers and adhere to responsible marketing principles.

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Labelling & responsible marketing