Health & Hygiene

Father and son using Pepsodent

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Our brands have built health, hygiene and well-being into their identity since the launch of Lifebuoy soap, over 100 years ago and we are uniquely placed to help people take action to improve their health and well-being.

Making a difference to health and hygiene around the world

Products such as soap and toothpaste can help prevent disease and improve health and well-being, ultimately helping to save lives. But this relies on people changing their everyday habits.

We have identified water, sanitation and hygiene – or WASH for short – as one of the areas where we believe we can make a sizeable and scalable difference to health and hygiene practices. If we focus our efforts and partner closely with others, we can offer solutions at a broader scale.

When the society we serve enjoys better health, hygiene and well-being, our business also benefits.

Our health & hygiene strategy

Achieving improvements in health and hygiene relies on people changing their everyday habits.

Unilever promoting handwashing

Our health & hygiene strategy

Targets and performance

We have set ambitious targets to meet people’s needs for good health and hygiene.

An ambitious target

Targets and performance

We will help people take action to improve their health and well-being through:

  • Appealing products with leading-edge health, hygiene and nutrition benefits.

  • Proven behaviour change programmes to help people take action.

  • Advocacy to bring the issues higher up the policy agenda.

  • The Unilever Foundation and our partners, dedicated to health, hygiene and nutrition.

Improving oral health

Our products help consumers to maintain good oral hygiene.

Pagi & Melam, the faces of Pepsodent in Indonesia

Improving oral health

Improving self-esteem

Our Dove and Vaseline brands are helping millions of young people to improve their self-esteem.

Two young girls with facing away from the camera

Improving self-esteem