A body wash that improves the way skin looks

Dove VisibleCare Crème Body Wash won’t just cleanse your skin like other body washes; it will also deliver a visible improvement to the way your skin looks.

Breakthrough technology

Most shower gels are made up of water and surfactant, with some ‘advanced’ formulas containing glycerin.Woman showering with Dove Competitors have innovated by focusing on fragrance and colour rather than new liquids technologies that offer added skin benefits. As a result, many consumers don’t expect much from their shower gel as it simply washes off and goes down the drain.

But Dove’s breakthrough NutriumMoisture™ technology is revolutionising the market.

Deep nourishment

Unlike other shower gels, which strip the top layer of skin of its natural moisture and lipids, NutriumMoisture™ is a patented blend of moisturisers plus lipids that are naturally absorbed and stay with skin to deliver deeper nourishment and significantly improve its condition over time.

Mild & gentle

Dove VisibleCare also includes a proprietary cleansing technology that makes the formula extremely mild and gentle to the skin, just like Dove bar. And because it is so mild, it does less damage to skin, making it easier to replenish and fortify.

Visible improvement

Research shows that after seven days of use, four out of five women see visible improvement in their skin. After three weeks of use, consumers seeing “a lot” of improvement and are 97% likely to recommend VisibleCare to others.

Luxurious feel

As well as its functional benefits, Dove VisibleCare looks beautiful: a premium, pearlescent crème with a texture that’s indistinguishable from a high-end department store cleansing product. It feels luxurious when applied to skin and builds to a rich, creamy lather that rinses cleanly, leaving skin feeling natural.