Building better livelihoods

A growing population will place increasing demands on food-growers. We're committed to helping thousands of smallholders feed the world.

supporting-economic-development-125Supporting economic development

As the world becomes richer and more populous, demand for food will grow. Along with many other experts in the field, we estimate that food demand will expand by 50% by 2030 – and keep growing.

The majority of the developed world's most productive land is already being cultivated. Smallholder farmers in developing and emerging markets are likely to play an increasingly important part in feeding a rising population's demand for food.

Managed sustainably, increased engagement with smallholders will generate economic activity among some of the world’s poorest people, potentially contributing to poverty alleviation and a lowered dependence on aid.

Giving smallholders the help they need

We have worked with smallholders for decades. We understand that in developing and emerging economies, they currently face many challenges. Yet relatively small improvements to their agricultural practices can bring large increases in yield.

We are committed to working with hundreds of thousands of smallholders, ensuring our food supply by helping them make their land more productive and their methods more sustainable. Technological and design innovations could play a vital role.

Our enhancing livelihoods ‘wants’

We welcome any collaborations that could help us meet our commitments to enhance livelihoods - collaborate with us on our latest 'wants'.