Vaseline has been helping to restore dry skin since 1870. That’s the healing power of Vaseline.

The Vaseline journey began in 1859, when Robert Chesebrough, a chemist from New York, discovered a wonder jelly in the oil fields of Titusville, Pennsylvania in the US.

Over the next decade he perfected the formulation of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly before opening for business in 1870. Vaseline jelly quickly became known for its ability to protect and restore dry and damaged skin, and over the next century it became a staple of households around the world. To this day our heritage and our passion for understanding skin are at the heart of everything we do.

The wonder jelly

Vaseline penetrates the skin and helps to repair it from within* by forming a seal that can lock in moisture and speed up your skin’s natural recovery. In this way it protects against dry, cracked skin and helps to heal minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

Our jelly is triple-purified to be 100% pure and is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic – in other words it has no irritants that would trigger an allergic reaction and it won’t clog pores.

Vaseline's restoring micro-droplets

Today Vaseline is available in over 70 countries and we offer a wide range of products including: Vaseline Jelly, our Lip Therapy range, hand and body lotions, body and facial serums, deodorants, and facial and body cleansers. All of these were developed to restore skin and keep it in great condition.

We’re also now adding micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly into all of our lotions. These fast-absorbing and non-greasy formulas combine rich moisturisers with other caring ingredients that absorb deep down* to leave skin feeling soft and looking healthy.

*Within the stratum corneum

from our range


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  • Keep leather shoes looking shiny for the office party like Santa & apply a coat of Vaseline.

    18 Dec

  • Favourite Christmas jumpers feel cosier against healthy and moisturised skin. Keep yours hydrated with Vaseline this winter.

    12 Dec

  • Keep your lips looking bee-autiful during the colder months with our Limited Edition Queen Bee Lip Therapy. Now available at Superdrug.

    26 Nov

  • Need quick relief for your itchy dry skin? Try Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair lotions. They are clinically proven to moisturise to restore very dry skin in five days. Fast-nourishing moisture that absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and looking healthy.

  • Skin can be dehydrated at its lower layers days before the signs become visible on the surface. That’s why it’s vital to moisturise daily. The quickest way to fit this in to your routine is Vaseline Spray & Go which, moisturises and absorbs in seconds.

  • The skin on your lips is thinner than other parts of your body so it loses moisture faster, making it prone to becoming dry and dull. You need a lip balm that helps to repair – not just coat – your lips. Try our Vaseline Lip Therapy which locks in moisture for beautiful, healthy-looking lips.

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