Axe offers guys a range of body sprays, deodorants, antiperspirants, shower gels and hair products – all designed to help them look, smell, and feel their best.

Cool, adventurous and designed to keep guys a step ahead in the dating game, Axe is one of the most popular male grooming brands in the world.

Unilever’s research and development teams work with a panel of ‘expert noses’ to create Axe products, and come up with fragrances that help men smell and feel their best. But the scents aren’t just developed in the lab. Every aroma is tested on the target audience – real women.

Every year, a new Axe deodorant fragrance is launched, combining seductive scents with the latest technology from the irresistible chocolate-inspired Dark Temptation fragrance to the stimulating Axe Rise range.

And Axe, also known as Lynx in the UK, Ireland and Australia, also includes shower gels and shampoos with the same seductive scents.

Winning worldwide fans

Axe has been helping guys get the girl since the brand launched in France in 1983. Now men in more than 90 countries from the Americas to Asia reach for Axe every day.

The Axe effect is also creating a buzz in social media. The first official Axe Facebook page launched in 2010 we now have more than 25 million fans around the world.

Axe’s award-winning, attention-grabbing ads never fail to push boundaries. They’ve impressed judges at the prestigious Cannes Lions Advertising Awards too – we’ve won more than 10 of the event’s sought-after accolades.

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  • More than 25 million Facebook fans can’t be wrong. Keep up with the latest on Axe news on our brand pages around the world.

  • What if there was a fragrance that was truly out-of-this-world? One guaranteed to take girls sky-high - or even to another planet? Luckily, there is. AXE Apollo is a heady mix of clary sage, quince and lavender that will give you a scent of an astronaut - and the love life. Enjoy.

  • Axe invigorating shower gel includes ingredients to refresh your skin and recharge your senses, helping you keep up with anything – or anyone.

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