Promoting handwashing

Studies show that washing hands with soap is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent disease. For example, a Lifebuoy clinical trial in 2007-2008 in India showed that increasing handwashing frequency led to a 25% reduction in diarrhoeal disease, a 19% reduction in acute respiratory infections and a 46% reduction in eye infections. Our Lifebuoy soap brand leads our handwashing campaigns.

On sale in over 50 countries, Lifebuoy has developed a clear social mission which is the foundation of our Sustainable Living Plan target on handwashing. As well as delivering clear public health benefits, building a culture of regular handwashing helps our business grow too. Lifebuoy is a good example of how brands that help to address social challenges can build brand equity and grow their business. It is a win-win scenario.