Reducing our environmental impact

We're committed to reducing the impacts on the environment associated with the production and use of our products.

Reducing-out-environmental-impact-125Driving sustainability, creating change

This is a huge challenge – and one we can't achieve alone. For example, we want to halve the water use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with our laundry products. But most of the water and more than half the greenhouse gas emissions associated with laundry product use come, not in our factories, but when the consumer does a wash. Similar challenges apply to our soaps, shampoos, and other home care and personal care products.

But though the challenges are great, so are the opportunities for innovation. Our laundry products are used 125 billion times a year. Small improvements – designing detergents that wash better at lower temperatures, and use less water to rinse - make a big difference.

We'd like to hear from potential partners who want to work with us to improve sustainability in the following fields:

  • Greenhouse gases – we're committed to halving the greenhouse gas impact of our products. 

  • Water – we will halve the water associated with consumer use of our products.

  • Waste – we will halve the waste created by the disposal of our products.

  • Sustainable sourcing – we will source 100% of agricultural raw materials sustainably.

Our environment 'wants'

While we welcome any collaborations that could help us meet our commitments on the environment, we are particularly interested in working with partners on projects to unearth new technologies for sustainable washing and create lighter and more sustainable packaging.