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On any given day, two billion people worldwide use a Unilever product. From food, beverages and ice cream, to household and personal care products, our well-loved brands are part of everyday life and help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.

Sunlight: Who knew? Hot water and lemon cleanses both you AND your dishes. The power of 100 lemons in Sunlight gives your dishes a beautiful clean

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By 2015, we aim to source 100% of the cocoa in every Magnum from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms, giving farmers a fair deal.

Magnum: Always in fashion. To celebrate the beginning of fashion month, here’s Stella Villela with her favourite edible accessory (and a chic #Fendi purse).

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Omo believes that children should feel free to explore, learn and develop – and sometimes getting a few stains along the way is part of that process. It's how kids learn, express their creativity and even bolster their immune systems

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More than 25 million Facebook fans can’t be wrong. Keep up with the latest on Axe news on our brand pages around the world.

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