Surf provides you with great cleaning with amazing fragrances – giving your laundry a lift with every wash.

Surf is on a mission to make laundry delightful – through great cleaning and gorgeous fragrances.

Surf works with experts in aromas from the leading perfume house in the world to develop products with amazing fragrance – using exciting ingredients such as essential oils and natural extracts to lift up your laundry and inspire your senses.

And of course, Surf detergent offers brilliant clean and multi-sensorial satisfaction at affordable prices.

The suds, the scent, the freshness, the colours and the cleaning all add up to provide a delightful laundry experience.

The Surf brand launched in 1959 and is now available in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa with a comprehensive range of offerings including bars, powders, liquids, tablets and capsules.

Our Cleaner Planet Plan

Surf stands by Unilever’s Cleaner Planet Plan – a campaign designed to reduce the impact of our laundry products on the environment.

From saving water to reducing packaging, Surf works hard behind the scenes to ensure the products you buy are environmentally aware.

Our concentrated Surf Small & Mighty bottle uses 40% less packaging than a standard bottle of washing liquid. It reduces more packaging waste and helps to load more bottles on to our delivery vehicles. The end result is fewer trucks on the road, saving more energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Surf experts have also ensured Surf to work well at even lower temperatures. Surf will provide a brilliant clean and leave your clothes fresh and full of fragrance  when you turn your machine down to as low as 15˚C, helping you save on your energy  bill and helping the planet become greener.

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  • Surf will still give a great clean when you turn your machine down to as low as 15˚C, helping you save on your electricity bill and helping limit the power you use for each load of laundry.

  • Surf provides a great clean and amazing fragrance that infuses deeply into your clothes, leaving your clothes a long lasting freshness to lift up your day.

  • By using the right dose in each wash, you'll save detergent and money at the same time. So make sure you check the Surf pack for instructions before your wash.

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