Occupational safety

Ensuring a safe workplace for Unilever employees.

SEAC uses the latest science and technology in its work and it continues to develop this by embracing new scientific developments as they emerge. Some examples of our work within occupational safety are given below

Safe & Sustainable Process Technology

SEAC uses an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate the potential safety risks and environmental impacts arising from the manufacture and distribution of Unilever products. Experts in Process/Occupational Safety, Environmental Sustainability and Consumer Safety assess potential risks and impacts arising from new ingredients, products, packaging or new manufacturing and supply chain technologies that are being evaluated and developed in Unilever.

By considering these aspects from the early stages in R&D and throughout the design process, this provides opportunities to minimise the potential safety risks and reduce the environmental impacts that may ultimately arise from our manufacturing activities and ensures that new product/process technologies are designed to:

  • Be safe for the people working in, or living close to, our manufacturing facilities.

  • Minimise the environmental impacts from our manufacturing activities (focusing on energy, water and waste).

  • Ensure continuity in supplying products that are produced safely and meet the demands of our customers/consumers.

At the corporate level we work in partnership with Unilever's Health & Safety at Work Committee, leading global projects. We also work with Global and Regional Supply Chain teams to transfer knowledge and tools for safety risk management.