Science smoothes wrinkles from within

Unilever’s R&D teams in the UK and the Netherlands have worked together with Unilever’s spa business, Spa & Salon International, to develop and launch a new food supplement capsule, which acts to smooth wrinkles from the inside.

wrinkles 2_125x110Strength Within – for younger looking skin

The Dove Spa Strength Within supplements, available at Dove Spas in the UK and online(Link opens in a new window), are formulated with a unique patent-pending blend of food ingredients clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Over time, skin gradually loses its ability to regenerate naturally and produces less collagen, a key molecule within the dermis layer. Collagen reduction in the skin starts in the mid-30s and it can drop by up to 40% between the ages of 35 and 55, leading to a loss of firmness and the formation of wrinkles.

“At Dove Spa, we’re committed to helping women look and feel beautiful at any age by creating products that deliver genuine improvement to the condition of their skin, because when you look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself.

“The Dove Spa Strength Within supplements leverage world-class research and development to help women take care of their skin from the inside,” explains Rachel Harris, Group CEO of Unilever’s spa business, Spa & Salon International.

Nourish from the inside

Dove Spa Strength Within is formulated with isoflavones extracted from natural soy beans, together with lycopene and vitamin E. The supplement is also reinforced with vitamin C to support the natural formation of collagen in the skin, and nourishing omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil.

The deeper skin layers are normally more difficult to reach from the surface due to the natural protection the skin provides for us from external factors. By being swallowed, the nourishing actives are absorbed into the blood stream through the gut wall, and this means they can reach all of the skin from the inside.

Tested by real women

More than 500 women took part in a comprehensive research programme to select and validate the key nutritional ingredients included in the capsules.

The final combination of actives was clinically proven to deliver demonstrably smoother skin with a significant reduction in lines and wrinkles, showing greatest efficacy on deeper wrinkles.

The effect of this nutritional technology has been proven in rigorous tests using validated clinical protocols versus a placebo control. The final combination of actives was tested in a 14 week clinical trial involving 164 women:Dove-strength-image

Technical measurements showed a significant reduction in the depth of wrinkles in the crow’s feet area for women taking the product (compared to the placebo). The best responders had a reduction of 30%.

The Dove Spa clinical and scientific research has also been independently recognised by experts from the British Skin Foundation.

The recommended dosage for Dove Spa Strength Within is three capsules a day for at least 14 weeks.


Note: Spa & Salon International is Unilever's venture-backed spa business. It operates 42 day spas across three countries and two brands. It has 20 Dove Spas in the UK, four Dove Spas in Canada and 18 Pond’s Institutes in Spain(Link opens in a new window).