Innovation partners

A significant portion of our growth will come from innovation, delivering leading-edge products into the marketplace. We anticipate that around 70% of our innovations are linked to working with our strategic suppliers.

Paul Polman at Unilever Factory

That's why we invest in mutually-beneficial relationships with our key suppliers so we can share capabilities and co-innovate for shared growth. With some of our more strategic suppliers, we nurture open relationships, with our research and development teams working with theirs to jointly pursue new technologies and innovations that will make a difference.

Our partners often do business with other companies that operate in the same competitive markets as we do. That's why we pride ourselves on doing business differently, moving away from traditional forms of buying/selling relationships. Pioneering new ways of doing business so we can partner to win.

If you believe you can help us deliver on innovation please contact your Unilever Procurement Manager to discuss opportunities.

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